Warehouse of Dreams - The Sleep-Well Podcast

Warehouse of Dreams - The Sleep-Well Podcast

Jungheinrich and Podstars

Welcome to the warehouse of dreams! Dive with us into the world of Jungheinrich, a leading intralogistics expert. This sleepcast will help you fall asleep better as we take you on a tour around a very special warehouse - the warehouse of dreams. We take you on a feel-good journey where you can simply let go.
In three episodes, soothing sounds, a pleasant voice and a relaxing breathing exercise await you. We wish you a good night's sleep with what is probably the world's first intralogistics sleepcast!

About Jungheinrich
As one of the world’s leading providers of intralogistics solutions, Jungheinrich has been advancing the development of innovative and sustainable products and solutions for material flows for 70 years. As a pioneer in the sector, the Hamburg-based family business is committed to creating the warehouse of the future. Find more information here: https://www.jungheinrich.com/en

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