SBWH #008 Writing and Life Lessons from Vicky Fraser

SBWH #008 Writing and Life Lessons from Vicky Fraser

The Small Business Whole Health Podcast · 2021-10-25

On this episode of the SBWH Podcast Jill & Dan welcome their first ever guest. Vicky Fraser owns and operates Moxie Books. As well as being the author of 'Business For Superheroes' and 'How The Hell Do You Write A Book', Vicky coaches aspiring authors how to write their very own book through her online courses and 1-2-1 guidance.

During the conversation Vicky describes how she beats procrastination, why writing a book is a good business tool and how she became a trapeze artist....yes you read that right!

1.27 - Who is Vicky Fraser

2.47 - How Vicky ran away with the circus

3.16 - Should you write a book?

4.54 - Audiobooks

6.24 - How to beat the procrastination demon

7.29 - The power of getting started

10.05 - 'Atomic Habits' - Let go of the results

10.56 - 'Bird by Bird' by Anne Lamott

12.45 - How Vicky looks after her own health

14.36 - 'Stealing Fire' by Steven Kotler

15.41 - 'Grit' by Angela Duckworth

16.30 - Flow states

18.16 - Vicky's favourite quote

19.51 - Breaking through the time for money barrier

23.24 - Vicky's book

25.26 - The 'Thank You Principle'

You can find out more about Vicky at:

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