Reinventing School and Learning from Kids on Earth with Howard Blumenthal

Reinventing School and Learning from Kids on Earth with Howard Blumenthal

IMPACT LEARNING · 2020-07-30

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Host : Maria Xenidou

Producer: Julie-Roxane Krikorian

Introduction Voice: David Bourne

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Reinventing School

Kids on Earth

Mentioned in this episode:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Dorothy Tecklenburg

Faces Looking Up by Mina Lewiton

Greta Thunberg

Steve Hargadon

Positive Psychology

Listen to this episode and explore:

Howard’s early-childhood interest in media and production through a self-directed learning path (4:51)

The creation of ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?’ show for PBS (11:15)

What impact Howard wanted to create with his television game show for kids (15:34)

The Kids on Earth project: the origin of the idea and how Howard brought it to life (18:42)

Which topics 21-century kids are interested in learning and talking about (26:36)

How students, parents and teachers can use the Kids on Earth video library to learn from home (29:36)

Reinventing School: creating social change in learning and education (34:16)

How kids want to reinvent schools (37:12)

The evolving role of the teacher as a mentor and guide (40:52)

What Howard sees in the future of education (44:50)

What Howard wants to leave his mark on during his lifetime (48:44)


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