A detailed guide to playing poker for beginners from AZ - W88

A detailed guide to playing poker for beginners from AZ - W88

All Best Podcasts · 2021-12-01

Phom, also known as Tu Lo Kho, is a card game that has long been familiar to generations of Vietnamese teenagers. The way to play phom compared to other card games is relatively high in terms of attractiveness and uniqueness. So, how to play poker? Please refer to the article below of W88 !

What is Phom?

Phom is a form of card game that originated and was played popularly in the Northern provinces, after a while, it was developed throughout the country. Phom is often played on holidays, Tet, and festivals, and now, in addition to the traditional playing version, an online version has been built at the house with the advantage of convenience, can be played anytime, anywhere and money. high reward.

The plus point of this game is that it has vivid gameplay, requires more intelligence and is more strategic than other card games. However, to win when playing pho is not complicated, as long as the player has a strong mentality, flexible judgment, decisive decision plus a little luck. Only then can we achieve great success with many great victories.

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